The truth: hook, line and sinker

The word “truth” is defined as being a fact, a reality. When we hear this word we put extra importance on the value of the information shared; after all, it’s the truth.

Lately I’m beginning to wonder more and more often just how many “truths” have been lost and manipulated with each passing generation, leaving us with the truth as we know it; not the truth itself.

Synonyms for “truth” are sincerity, candour and honesty and yet you can be sincere, candid and honest in your belief that you are telling the truth, without your truth being a fact.

Where did all this fanciful thinking come from you might wonder? Just from looking at the clear blue sky and watching how the planes appear from behind La Concha mountain and weave their trails across my visual horizon until I’m left with a mostly overcast view and unexpectedly cloudy day.

Why does this interest me you may wonder again? Well, it’s simply because I remember a time when “line clouds” didn’t exist. I learnt to identify the three basic cloud shapes, Cirrus, from “cirro”, meaning curly or fibrous, Stratus, from “strato”, suggesting sheets or layers and Cumulus, from “cumulo”, indicating heaped or piled. No “line clouds” were in my schoolbooks.

I also remember planes flying in the sky that didn’t leave lasting trails. Our whole school class went out to the playing fields to witness Concord’s first flight; no cloud formation or pathway was left in its wake.

I remember so I have comparable; I know this is new, different. But will the next generation? Have you noticed that these “line clouds” now also appear in Disney cartoons? I have. Can we deduce therefore that this is to be a new truth, that modern ‘planes now leave contrails that make clouds? Or could there be some truth to the worry that these are actually chemtrails and we’re being “fumigated” for one unknown reason or another? Which truth sounds more likely in today’s world?

An elephant tied to a stick with a piece of string as a baby will never realise that it is all powerful and can do what it wants, it’s been taught to believe a different “truth”. It’s been taught to believe it’s helpless; dependent.

How many truths are given to us without us even investigating their veracity? Can it be that we’re all so well rewarded we no longer care?   I don’t think cattle know they’ll end up in the slaughterhouse whilst their grazing in the fields. Do we really know what’s intended for us?

If we want our children to inherit the earth perhaps its high time we stop grazing in the oblivion of our daily business and start evaluating some of the truths we are being told before it’s too late and another generation will swallow all truths “hook line and sinker”.

This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News

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