A truly memorable Marbella Moment

Whilst recording the last part of this week’s Marbella Now TV show at the new Petit Sea Grill tapas lounge in the Hotel Puente Romano my wonderful Finnish intern Jere Johansson passed me my phone whilst saying “Not that I’m looking, but I think you have drama going on”.

I took the phone and saw the message visible on the locked screen. It was from my daughter “mum, my waters broke”. True drama!

We hadn’t quite finished recording for the day so whilst excitedly grabbing my things I randomly appointed Marisa Moreno, the Danish Consul to Andalucia, (also a guest on the show in her quality as lawyer to answer your legal questions) to take over for me and I was off.

As it turned out whilst running to the car and calling my daughter there was plenty of time to get to the hospital and so, upon her insistence, I returned to the Petit Sea Grill to find Puente Romano boss Sergio Sanchez quite happily finishing his explanation of the sushi preparation and everyone just “getting on with it”. Poetry in motion and such a display of #BetterTogether! We then sat down to lunch with the delicious dishes prepared for us at the table and an exotic selection of “virgin” cocktails (who needs alcohol when high on excitement?).

Looking back I have to say I’m really glad I had gone back as my grand-daughter didn’t come into the world until 8.02 pm the following day and food was the last thing on my mind until I knew that both my babies were safe.


The wait and fear of the unknown were exhausting. How would my little girl get through this? Infinite worries ran through my mind even though I had only heard good things about giving birth in the Costa del Sol hospital; this was so out of my control! My baby was about to go through a major “something” and for the first time I wasn’t even going to be there with her.

Joy replaced nerves the moment my beautiful baby girl gave birth to her very own beautiful baby girl on Wednesday 11th July and it hadn’t been nearly as bad as she, or I, had feared.   Once she decided to have the epidural her face went from the look of a terrified deer to a happy youngster coming home after a party: excited but tired. Things continued to go smoothly for the 11 hours of labour and the medical staff was not only attentive throughout, but helpful and kind. I can only be forever grateful. I have to say the baby’s daddy also did an amazing job and for that I’m also proud and grateful and as for my daughter, well, equally as amazing as always and undoubtedly the best mum in the world!

Having my own children was and has been the best thing that ever happened to me and Marbella has always been my happy place with so many happy memories that I love to re-live them as I go about my day to day. The birth of my granddaughter however has undoubtedly surpassed them all and turned this memory into the very best Marbella Moment ever!

Lake Maisie King-Wheeler welcome to Marbella!!!

This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News

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