55 years of Rock n’ Roll with Mel Williams

Mel Williams has been performing for 55 years; has opened for the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, performed and hung out with authentic music legends, is the ambassador for Harley Davidson, still rides his own Harley Davidson at the age of 73 and is about to embark on the performance of a life-time; his life-time.

Mel Williams

55 years of Rock n Roll, presented during a Gala dinner at Puente Romano hotel on the 15th of October 2016, Mel takes to the stage once again, raising money for the Cancer Hospice on the Costa del Sol Cudeca whilst he’s at it.

Guest star on MarbellaNOW TV #94 join us and Mel, up to his usual antics and BOOK NOW for the charity gala to have the time of your life too! Tickets on sale at Hotel Puente Romano.

First showing MarbellaNOW #94 Friday 7th October 2016  at 6pm.  Repeats Saturday 3.30pm and Sunday 11.30am amongst other showings.

You can download the full autobiography by Mel Williams on KindleNearly Famous“.


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