A networking of nations – 20th September 2018

Date: Thursday 20th September from 6 to 8 pm

Place: International Residents lounge – Exhibition Centre Marbella (Palacio de Congresos)


6.00pm                       Opening and welcome drink

6.15pm                       Welcome speech and introduction to the Town hall by the Resident Foreigners department

6.30pm – 7.30pm      Networking with catering

7.30pm – 8.00pm     Tour through the Palacio spaces for foreign residents

For further details and reservations contact: admin@bbcce.be  639 67 18 93



I remember sitting next to Vanessa Van Camp, President of the Belgium Business Community Club España (B.B.C.C.E.) at the Marbella Awards last year in the Puente Romano Hotel. I asked her how she was enjoying the event and she smiled and said “interesting”.

Of all the adjectives I might have expected, “interesting” wasn’t one of them. However as it turns out, sitting amongst a bunch of Brits is not something she does often and whilst having a great evening she did feel as if she were “abroad” and that was interesting. (ps. a hearty “enhorabuena” to Marbella Rocks Mag for such an outstanding event and remember to vote in this year’s awards too!).

Like Brits, logically Vanessa would mix with her own nationals, or, unlike most of us, mix with the Spanish as we live in Spain. It highlighted yet again that in Marbella we are all foreign to someone and I don’t think any of us realise just how much!

We’d be silly not to take advantage of this variety. Being surrounded by such diversity is a unique opportunity to peek inside these semi-ghettos that have sprung up along our 27 km coastline, learning more about each other and opening opportunities to make new friends and business alliances alike, right here on our doorsteps!

This is why networking is so significant and so easy in Marbella and why I thought it pertinent to mention an up-coming networking event, organised by the BBCCE, not just because the Belgians are quite renowned for their love of good food and a good party which you wouldn’t want to miss, but because they have chosen to use a new foreign residents area in the Marbella Exhibition Centre (Palacio de Congresos) that has recently been allocated just for us.

This space offers a unique opportunity for us foreigners to come together more frequently and with ease, which is something our international resident community is leaning towards increasingly. We will all be able to have private meetings there or give classes and talks or even hold events.

This networking cocktail is a great opportunity for us to meet the members of the BBCCE and be privy to one of their social meetings as well as get to know some of the lovely people who are in charge of the Foreigners department of the Town hall. Truly a networking of nations.

See you there!!

#BetterTogether @marbellanow



This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News



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