Actor & Activist Woody Harrelson on MarbellaNOW #97 – A Man with a Message.

This week’s new show #MarbellaNOW #97 (first aired Friday 28th October 2016)  NOW also on-line.
Apart from our local guests we welcome actor Woody Harrelson to the show as part of #UNMN2017 incentive.  
Woodrow Tracy “Woody” Harrelson is an American actor, activist and playwright. He is a two-time Academy Award nominee and has won one Emmy Award out of seven nominations and is part of this week’s MarbellaNOW in our UNMN2017 spot.
We live in a society that is kept so busy just getting through from day to day that it’s hard to find a moment for quality time with family let alone try and keep up with the politics that surround us, which we don’t realize affects everything from what we eat to what we grow and how we grow it.  We need to take more of an interest in our lives and not leave the “interest” to the Banks, who don’t seem to have our best interests at heart.
But what will become of us if we carry on this way?  And is there any way to stop it?   Woody Harrelson thinks there is a way and shares his insight ….a message well worth watching – so click the link below and enjoy the show!.

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