Amanda Silken and the Feel Good Factor Marbella Now TV

Amanda Silken and The Feel Good Factor; New and coming soon on Marbella Now TV.
Amanda Silken, Nicole King’s Marbella Now TV programme’s agony aunt and problem solver will soon be bringing a new and different section to Nicole’s programme for the summer months.
We all want to feel our best and be as confident in ourselves and our bodies as possible, the new section will be looking at ways to aid and help us with finding that positivity and bringing out our best and most beautiful selves.
It will be covering tips and advice on how to make the best of the beauty we all possess, whatever our age, size, shape or style.
We need to accept and love ourselves and bring out our individual beauty, confidence and self esteem. The new section will be aimed at making the most of who we are and how we look in order to boost that positive belief and attitude.
On the Marbella Now programme Amanda Silken will be showing and demonstrating some little tricks and secrets that we can all use to improve and highlight our best and most beautiful assets.
From accentuating our best points and downplaying the things about ourselves we are not so fond of, to learning to love ourselves and our bodies just the way they are, the new Feel Good Factor section will be fun and fabulous and encourage us to find confidence and self esteem.
As a woman in her fifties living in Marbella, Amanda understands the pressures on women living here to fit into that ‘perfect Marbella mould’ and she believes that that is a myth. As bold confident women of the 21st century we need to feel good and look good for ourselves, each in our own unique and beautiful way.
Watch out for the Feel Good Factor section on Marbella Now TV and bring out the best in you.

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