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Hello Marbella!,

After the great feedback from our brand new ‘Feel Good Factor’ section on Nicole King’s Marbella Now TV programme, here is the step by step process showing you how to use the quick and easy tips shown on the programme to help you make the best of your beautiful self.
Our first ‘Feel Good Factor’ section concerned how you, whatever your size, shape or age, can make those pins look slimmer and more shapely, therefore lifting your self confidence and giving you your very own ‘Feel Good Factor’. See the step by step tips listed below and get those shorts out ladies!

For slimmer looking, more shapely legs;

1.Scrub or exfoliate the skin, using either an exfoliating cream, a body brush or scrub mitts. You could also try mixing up your own scrub product by the good old fashioned way of mixing sea salt with almond (or olive or whatever you prefer) carrier oil and two or three drops of your favourite essential oil, rosemary works fabulously in a home made scrub. Making your own scrub is cheap, easy, and good for the environment as only natural biodegradable ingredients are being used.It’s also fun.

2. Remove hair by either waxing, shaving, or by using a defoliating cream. It’s always good to do this at least a few hours before applying self tanning products, as hair removal methods need to settle down before you bronze. As I said on the programme, this step is only necessary if you don’t like body hair, if you are happy being hairy, go for it! Whatever makes you feel good.

3. You now have lovely, glowing skin, so you need to moisturise it, first using a product with an SPF factor if you are going to be out in the sun. If you need to add a little extra colour on your legs, it’s a good thing to apply your sun protection first and give it 15 minutes to soak in. If your legs are already tanned or you have a naturally dark skin colour, you won’t need to add the extra ‘browning’ so you can just stick with a cream containing SPF during the day, or your favourite moisturiser for the evening. As with exfoliating, and as I demonstrated on the programme, always exfoliate and apply moisturiser working upwards towards the heart. This helps with circulation, and the act of scrubbing, and then massaging in moisturiser, does too, so not only are you going to look good but you are doing your body and health good too.

4. Now we get to the fun part; take your browning product (if like me you prefer not to be too dark, then mix this with some moisturiser.) On the programme I mushed them together in my hands, and then you just apply, from the feet upwards, covering as much of your leg as you want to .As I mentioned, if you are wearing a cocktail skirt, you might prefer to just do from your knees down, if in a bikini or shorts, and as I like to do anyway, you can cover the whole leg from foot to thigh, making sure that the product has absorbed without streaks, and your legs have a nice ‘golden glow’. As much as being pale is getting more fashionable, personally I like a little colour, and definitely think a tan, fake or otherwise, not only makes you look a little slimmer, but also helps cover up and disguise cellulite, scars etc.

5.The final steps are easy. If you feel you need a little more contour and definition on your legs, simply use the same contouring gel or powder you use on your face, and apply to the sides, inside and outside of the leg, using a light touch and a good, large brush, and making sure you have blended in the product so it’s not a noticable streak, but instead just emphasises the shape of the leg.

6.You now have gleaming, well moisturised and golden brown legs. Time for the magic touch. Take a highlighter, this can be an eyeshadow, a highlighter cream (Mac makes a great one, so does Mercadonna, so both  ends of the scale price wise; you don’t have to use expensive products to get good results) or an illuminating crayon as shown on the programme. Use your finger, a brush or the crayon, whichever you prefer, and draw a line along your shinbone in the centre. Blend the highlighter gently in, so you have a light line of ‘gleam’ on the centre of your leg. This again slims the look of the leg, and makes them look more shapely. Repeat this step up your thigh, as high as you want to go (all the way to your bikini if this is for a day ay the beach!).

Voila! Slimmer and more shapely looking legs, whatever your age or size. Another quick tip for legs especially during these hot months, and I would do this after applying moisturiser and bronzer, is to cover up any unsightly mosquito bites or other marks with a concealer in the same tone as your legs.

This is a really easy and quick routine to get into and improve how confident you feel about your legs. It’s not something I would do if I was just running to the supermarket for a 5 minute shop, but most evenings if I go out, or if I go for a beach or wear shorts I always do it. With practice it is very simple, and takes about 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

Accentuate your legs if you like with a little anklet, which I think looks fun in the summer, and add a pair of heels and your’e ready to go. If you are a flats not a heels girl, then no problem, again  it’s whatever makes you ‘feel good’, although if you are into flats, even a slight wedge or heel (an inch or less) can make your legs look longer. Never wear shoes that are too high or uncomfortable. Not only does it look wrong and slightly silly if you can’t walk correctly in them, it’s not good for your back, and you will end up wrenching an ankle if you are not confident about how to walk in heels. It is an art, and one we will cover when our ‘Feel Good Factor’ looks at posture and what a huge difference good posture makes to how you look, your general well being and also how others perceive you.

Goodbye for now from me, Amanda from Silken Sin, and have fun finding your ‘Feel Good Factor’ and getting those legs out  ladies!

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