NEW MN TV SHOW: Anyone for Tennis, Foreigners and Crazy Music?

This show, first aired on RTV Marbella on 2nd June 2017  is now ON-LINE! Just click this link or the one below and ENJOY our behind the scenes look at who and what makes up Marbella.

Puente Romano Tennis Club not only hoss this week’s Marbella NOW TV,  first showing on 2nd June 2o17 but  is also host to some of the best concerts coming to Marbella this summer, starting off with Foreigner.

Foreigner Poster ENG WEB


We chat to David Giles & Martin Tye about the up-coming concerts, what it entails to bring such big name acts to Marbella and what other great concerts we have to look forward to this summer thanks to Crazy Music Productions and the Puente Romano Tennis Club venue, which just makes it all so exclusive!

Jana & Zineb - Public Relations at Puente Romano

Jana & Zineb, in charge of keeping the entertainment fast and flowing at Puente Romano’s many locations, including the blossoming night life in La Plaza restaurant hub, La Terrasse chill-out lounge & La Suite night-club.


We take a trip to Costa Rica through the eyes of volunteer Ashley King at the Refuge for Wildlife,

Ashley is back home in Marbella for the summer, working to save up money and go back again to help save these animals, many of whom are hurt, burnt, electrocuted by lack of insulation of the generators in the country.


We meet the President of the Dutch businesswomen’s association in Marbella, “Ellas” Marjan Schut

President ELLLAS - Dutch Businesswomen's Association

Our  CIT Marbella – Francisco Gómez, ABASTOS & VIANDAS MERCADO GOURMET.


Valentina Radu –  talks Divorce in Spain  and legal tips and numbers and things to keep in when living abroad  –

Legal tips for Spain - Divorce


Sage Castellano Viola showing us a Road to your wild and Lily Van Tongeren, volunteer for Triple A Marbella with another animal to adopt and up-date


Lina Hodgkins talks about a subject that makes most uncomfortable, particularly those going through it #MenopausicalMarbella – a look at menopause and our options, if any…?

Rowan Litchfield – Laude San Pedro student – Sign Language word of the week! We really hope you follow Rowan and are learning alongside with us 🙂

Nicole King's Marbella Now TV


LINEA DIRECTA SAFETY – 127 nationalities driving on the same roads, NO DRINKING & DRIVING is the first step to collaborate with others – Linea Directa even offers to take you home in a taxi up to 4 times a month, free of charge, to help you protect our lives and not contribute to harming others…. please at least call to ask rather than risk your life, or mine if you are one to drink wine with dinner etc… Tel 952 14 78 34

Linea Directa CALL 952 14 78 34

This show is now ON-LINE! Just click this link or the one below and ENJOY our behind the scenes look at who and what makes up Marbella.

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