Authentic Iranian cuisine in the Golden Mile

There are very few restaurant options if you are Vegan in Spain; even Marbella they’re hard to find.

The Farmacy therefore is a very welcome addition to our local culinary offers, covering not just vegan, vegetarian, certified organic products and gluten free products, but moreover a welcome space to be and relax in our international city.  Pole dance, yoga, workshops and family friendly fun awaits at this dog friendly restaurant, bar, lounge, health-space made just for us.

Also now on a Sunday an opportunity to try authentic Iranian cuisine, made from the same delicious fresh, organic produce and mix with authentic Iranian people who live in our midst – a unique opportunity to travel abroad without going anywhere! Marbella has it all!

Everything is fresh and delicious and you just know it’s all made from healthy produce with love and care.  Five stars from me!



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