For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.

This column was first pubished in the Euro Weekly News:

Our many worthy charities need funding 12 months a year. Applying the #BetterTogether rule with a large dose of Costa Women’s #MakeItHappen, there is much we can do.

The following are suggestions submitted on post-its by the attendees at our previous United Nationalities of Marbella Summits which I hope you enjoy reading.

* We need to appeal to our happy tourist!
* Establish a central registration point for volunteers willing to help with whatever; showing times and areas available to help.
* Chiringuitos, restaurants and tourist attractions giving 1€ donation on every bill, to split between listed local charities.
* Small hotels and carparks and tourist places to have a big visible collection box for “Charities Marbella”
*Put a small stamp on postcards to tourist pay a few cents towards Marbella charities
*Make a central collection from June to end of August as first step
*Supermarkets and food donations; care bundles, packages for homeless, include feminine hygiene in donation
*Donate like France leftover food to animal charities or homeless
*Volunteer at local health centres, schools to interact with elderly such as age concern, visiting the elderly, cooking for them, taking them shopping or to doctors appointments.
*Visit and talk to the elderly and vulnerable
*Collaboration between charities and help line to direct people
* Incentives: lot of lazy people that need to do something maybe go to help and get a coupon free coke etc.,
*Offer our local “beggars” to pick up trash, litter picker and exchange for 1€ / per x
*Don’t throw away any food, donate to less fortunate, communicate with people to help each other
*Make a list of official charities for a website with relevant links
*Take care of those who are not already covered by a specific charity
*Bracelets with profits distributed equally to all charities
*Give more information to the community to know who needs help and let people know how they can help
*Help soup kitchen, clothes, collaborate by driving people to therapy, dialysis, outpatients
*Corporate Marbella charity
*Sell alternative stamps with a part to charity
*Cans for collecting money and 100 prizes for those who collect the most – to be shared amongst all Marbella charities.
*Schools to organise collections along the beaches, to share out amongst all charities
*Social urban arts project, commission artists to create murals that everyone gets involved with, 3D art.
*Use existing money raising like Lions or Rotary to head up the all for one charity collection so it’s bonafide.
*Short term social jobs, no autonomous contracts, humanitarian purposes
*Volunteering possibilities similar to life coaching empowering those in need to improve their living conditions.
*Need also physiotherapy and psychologists to volunteer their services and other support systems for the less fortunate
*Make extra food for elderly or infirm neighbours regularly and learn to check on your neighbours

We all concluded that we have too many charities that depend on us residents and that we need to establish some community structure to ease the burden. It’s up to us!

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