Bijan Arta is.

Hard to say much more about a man like this.  The perfect gentleman, kind, tolerant and spiritual; vegetarian and humanitarian with a passion for science, film making and flying; mentor and friend; a realist and a dreamer.

Bijan Arta

Guest star in this week’s special #MarbellaNOW 100th episode, Bijan Arta brings to our awareness important issues, ones that we can do something about as a community; perhaps even with worldwide repercussions.

He does so with charm and intelligence, appealing to our multi-national and multi-cultural population to actively bond together and look towards a brighter, more “humanitarian” future.

Watch this week’s show not only to appreciate how handsome, suave and sophisticated Bijan is, (fascinating in itself),  but to hear his words, feel his passion and be inspired.

Bijan Arta on #MarbellNOW #100 



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