Bye Bye Uni and HELLO NOBU

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I loved UNI, Puente Romano’s own signature restaurant offering Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian delights.  But it’s gone; replaced by NOBU.

Featuring the same style cuisine NOBU also adds many exotic cocktails and countless extra details and delights, to also include hotel rooms for 2018 where guests to NOBU can ad en-suite dining to the list of luxuries that this NOBU experience promises.


This is the first NOBU in Spain and my first experience there was quite wonderful.  I had no idea what to order so was delighted there was a tasting menu.  I didn’t like all the dishes but I certainly know which ones to order when I go back; I even asked our waitress to write them down for me.



All the staff were super attentive, greeting all guests with a type of “namaste” welcome, said out-loud by all the staff, truly setting the scene for this new experience, amidst a modern decor and a fun, vibrant but elegant atmosphere in the Plaza of the Puente Romano Hotel; Marbella’s new “Talk of the Town”.  I will be going back; and that not a threat, it’s a promise!

Puente Romano Logo

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