We challenged Linea Directa …and this was their response…

Following our UNMN2016 last April, a desire to find alternative ways to drive around to restaurants further afield, without the fear of drinking and driving and confronting controls was voiced my the majority.


How to better support our local bars and restaurants if driving after just 1 glass of wine could be a liability?

So, as Linea Directa profess to be more than just an insurance company, catering specifically to expats needs, we posed the challenge and this was their response. Line_directa_952_14_78_34


Imagine a service that goes above and beyond, continually evolving and putting people first. Línea Directa have just launched an exclusive trial of their new Safety First service. If you’re a policy holder with Roadside Assistance cover and live in the province of Malaga, you should read the rest of this article.


Línea Directa knows that putting their customers safety first is above and beyond everything else. After dark, if you feel unfit to drive the return journey or you feel that driving further would be hazardous to you, your family and other road users, just call Línea Directa’s Roadside Assistance free-phone number on 900 120 123.


There are two types of service you can choose either or both:

Safety First People

Línea Directa will transport via taxi the policy holder and their passengers to the policy holder’s home address or a destination specified by the policy holder at the time of requesting the service. The destination must be within a 25km (15.5 mile) limit from the current location. Only one drop-off destination is allowed, there can’t be a different destination for each passenger. The taxi driver will be booked and paid for by Línea Directa and will request confirmation of policy holder and vehicle details.

Safety First Car

In addition to Safety First People, the policy holder can also request that their vehicle be transported to the same destination point. Simply indicate to the Línea Directa customer service operator that you also require Safety First Car.



The service is totally free. It’s available 7 days a week, from midnight to 7am. The service is in English, and uses Línea Directa’s network of English speaking taxi drivers. This trial service runs from 1st May – 30th December 2016.


The policy holder must identify themselves as being insured by Línea Directa. Please ensure you carry your policy number and relevant ID (either passport or NIE number). On calling, the policy holder must indicate their current location and which services are required. The company will accept the transportation of the policy holder and their companions according to the number of seats available in the taxi. Only one taxi is provided for. This courtesy service can be requested up to 4 times per month for expatriate policy holders of all ages and is independent of the insurance product held.

Plus, I personally have changed my car insurance to Linea Directa as full coverage was the same price as my previous third party policy and they truly do have a very impressive national setup which cover Spanish laws – an important point as not all foreign policies take local laws into consideration.

We hope the information provided in this article is of interest.




If you would like to contact Línea Directa completely free please call 952 14 78 34

More information on Línea Directa online at www.lineadirecta.com

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