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Photograph taken during the recording of last week’s Marbella Now at The Harbour in the Marbella Marina

Photograph taken during the recording of last week’s Marbella Now at The Harbour in the #MarbellaMarina


The first time I met Marisa Moreno Castillo was when she came to The Puente Romano Hotel where we where recording my TV show Marbella Now for that week, over 2 years ago now. I was immediately taken by her lively and vivacious personality and enchanted by her knowledge of Spain, its laws, its people and the challenges foreigners abroad face on so many levels. I also loved her down to earth approach to everything.

A lawyer by profession she is also the Danish Consul, which I found curious, as she herself is Spanish. However her knowledge of the local laws and her diligent nature is precisely what makes her the perfect choice to represent the Danes that live in Andalucia and Extremadura, her areas of competence. Also curious was to learn that most nationalities face the same challenges, as it’s the Spanish system that has us all baffled, particularly with the frequency with which the laws seem to change here. Marisa has her own successful law firm Iustalex (Just Law) and yet finds the time between appointments and appearing in court to also attend the many meetings, official events and social gatherings in her role of Consul, always participating with optimism, enthusiasm and brandishing that engaging smile.

This is why I still find it hard to believe that we can be lucky enough for Marisa to also find the time to join the Marbella Now team as our legal adviser, to help address and answer the many questions that come up when living abroad. Marisa loves Spain and she wants to help us understand that if we know what to do based on bonafide information life can be so much easier for us. Over the last few weeks Marisa has addressed the details and concerns of foreigners registering on the Town “Padron”, the intricacies of renting out your private home for holiday tourism faced with the new, stricter laws and serious potential fines.

She’s also addressed the concerns, together with Charmaine Arbouin, the British Consul, for the elderly who find themselves alone abroad and without a support system. Both Consuls stressed the importance of international communities joining together and sharing information to ensure we are being well informed and make the most of help that can be available to us.

Join us daily at 8pm on RTV Marbella for Marbella Now, an English language TV (also available on-line www.rtvmarbella.tv via streaming and on-line from our web) to meet Marisa and our other guests that make up our magical city. If you would like further information or have concerns that you think Marisa could help you with that will also be of interest to others, please drop us a line at MiMarbellaRTVM@gmail.com or mmoreno@iustalex.com and we’ll see if we can cover it on the show.

Take care, see you soon Nicole @marbella now www.marbellanowtv.com



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