Food for thought; and conversation at Health House!

When we normally go out to dine the aftermath is always “wow, what a great meal” or “well, that wasn’t worth it” or at least the typical “I’ve eaten too much” , not to mention appointing a designated driver!

None of the above happens however when you dine out at the Health House restaurant; nestled in the exclusive resort in the Las Dunas complex.  Not only is the food not fattening, there’s no alcohol; not even wine!

As unsettling as this initially may seem,  we didn’t even miss the wine once our meal started – with a “healthy mojito”.

I’d been looking for a romantic night out; away from it all, and the Health House seemed the ideal venue with its exquisite décor and unbeatable views; even at night, particularly with a special autumn tasting menu on offer and a desire to start eating more healthily, even when dining out.

The service was beyond 5 star and the venue and the evening were better than I could ever have imagined.  For over an hour we truly dined; dish after dish, commenting and comparing the experience with every morsel.  We were conversing; all the time, about the food!

For the first time; possibly ever, I could distinguish every single sublime ingredient in every bite. The seemingly small offerings turned into unique insights into flavours that somehow seemed to complement each other to perfection and again, led to much conversation!

I’m not saying that this place is just for old married couples, but having a dining experience that inspires conversation is certainly a plus!!

Every dish was so fresh, we left feeling full, but not uncomfortable and much to my surprise, all we could think of the next day was how and when to book ourselves in for a one month’s stay.

A chance to relax, learn to appreciate real food and how to eat a properly delicious but balanced diet in a home away from home!  (If you live in a Palace that is)….

As they say, every goal has to start with an idea…..

For your info: The restaurant at Healthouse opens for lunch and diner with a set menu every day and on Tuesdays and Thursdays A la Carte – very important for those of us who dine out often but still want to keep an eye on our health and waistline!


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