How RAW do you like it?

RAW was fascinated with the women, their feelings and sensuality, expressed not only in his paintings but also in the titles.

This is just a sample selection to show you the diversity of this artist and I can assure you “you ain’t seen nothing yet“!!   For the full collection visit

RAW was a self-taught, primitive painter who liked to paint the deliciously absurd. Unfortunately Robert Allen Williams of Denville USA passed away March 13, 2009 after his fearless battle with kidney cancer.

Robert will be missed and loved by many. He will be remembered for his easy going personality, his entertaining humor that made so many laugh and his compassion that he showed in everything he did. He will also be remembered for his incredible works of art.

Woman in a window watching her dreams 40x44

According to the artist he has worked with several distinct styles primarily called Abstract Erotic Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Brazilian Curves and each style has an appreciation for the deliciously absurd. And there are some paintings that don’t really fit into any style.

Abstract Erotic Surrealism is probably the artists’ favorite form of expression because they are expressions of human sexuality that celebrate women and sex in a very colorful, imaginative, cartoonish way that takes the complex subject of sex and makes it childlike, fun and laughable. As RAW states, ‘To me, one of the best things that can happen is when I show a person a painting and then tell them the title and they smile or burst out laughing because of the whimsical nonsense that is before them. Some of my personal favorites are ‘Hot Women on a Cool Day Surrounded by Night’, ‘Relationship Complexity’, ‘Woman in a Window Watching Her Dreams’ and ‘Tall Women Exposing Their Emotions on a Clear Day’.

Tall Women Exposing their Emotions on a clear day

Within the Abstract Expressionism style the artist tries to capture emotional states or feelings and put them on canvas. Sometimes there may be more than one painting with the same name such as ‘A Moment of Happiness’ or ‘A Moment of Excitement’ because, obviously, there are many, many moments of excitement and happiness in one’s life so there are many ways of capturing this on canvas. A painting like ‘The Excitement of Kissing Your Wife’s Lips’ expresses what the emotional feeling would look like if you could paint that emotional moment of excitement when you kiss your wife. The painting expresses that brief feeling of several seconds and if the kiss lasts for 30 seconds you would probably need 15 paintings of various colors arrangements to capture the excitement of the entire kiss.

Other Abstract Expressionist paintings are about other things and not necessarily about the capture of an emotional feeling. Paintings such as ‘Sunshine Through the Forest, Night Approaching’, ‘Wisps of Color’ and ‘The Excitement of Color Dancing in the Light’ are just depictions of what the titles say.

The Brazilian Curves style of painting is named after the painting called ‘Brazilian Curves’. This type of painting is a collage of drawings or images with the images outlined over and over in different colors to create a complete picture. Sometimes the images are clearly seen and sometimes they are not. RAW favorites in this style are ‘Brazilian Curves’, ‘ Eyes in the Crowd’, ‘Cross Cultural Chaos’, and ‘The Wedding’.


All of RAW’s creations are well worth a look! Don’t miss images of his full collection – a truly new and exciting experience.


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