Important Innovation for Real Estate Agents by Optimasit

Optimasit invests in the future with a new CRM package

Geert Rillaerts joins us for MarbellaNOW #93 to talk specifically about their new CRM project aimed at the real estate market, which he recently launched with our Town Hall.  This system offers a refined multiple Listing System, a tool to create relationship levels and share properties throughout the company’s offices.
geert_rillaerts_crmThis new CRM developed by Optimasit allows the agency to extend beyond the boundaries of the agency; to collaborate with other agencies, lawyers, notaries, maintenance companies, etc.  and be better organised, with organised viewings that can be easily followed up….

You can define how to customise essential elements like Location Groups, Building Styles, Categories and many more elements to make the CRM adaptable to specific requirements.

Apparently you can even import & exporting any data element easily.  You decide which properties, projects, leads lists etc. get imported or exported, to any property portal!

Sounds like something that could help you? Tune in to MarbellaNOW #93 and hear the full story! and don’t forget to visit the Optimasit web!

Join us to be dazzled by Geert’s knowledge on this week’s MarbellaNOW #93 on RTV Marbella and via streaming

MarbellaNOW #93 – New show Friday 6pm, Saturday 3.30pm, Sunday 11.30am showing times, more to follow!

Optima CRM

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