It’s only fair to share

I’ve still got and wear clothes that I’ve had since I was a teenager. Clothes are memories and I like to keep the “good ones” with me.

Many of my clothes however come with “pre-memories” ie: second-hand. I’ve always favoured clothes shopping at charity shops to find those certain “somethings” that reflect me rather than the fashion of the day.   I never used to think about the people that would benefit from my purchases though; now I do.

This is why, even though I know it’s polite to just say “thank you” when complimented on what I’m wearing I love to tell people that my outfit, or part of it, came from a local charity shop at some ridiculously cheap price.

I have loads of clothes but I record Marbella Now TV show once a week and although I don’t go to even a fraction of the events that are celebrated in our glorious city I often find myself wondering what to wear.

Fortunately we have a large selection of charity shops to choose from: the Debra shops supporting the Butterfly Children’s Charity and Cudeca Shops to help fund the Málaga Cancer Hospice to name but two plus I always pick up many a gem from the Triple A animal rescue centre events too! Nothing to be ashamed of, or embarrassed, quite the contrary. These charities are very worthy causes and rely on our community for their very survival so instead of just handing over all my hard earned money to the big corporations without a second thought, why not pop into these very tempting alternatives?

Charity shops unite us as a community: we can share our clothes but also our time as they all need volunteers to serve in the shops, even a couple of hours a week would help if you can spare yourself for a while!

Charity shops are wardrobes to the world; particularly in five star Marbella where people give away GREAT STUFF from all over the globe! If you ever needed an excuse to go shopping this is it! Almost an obligation I’d say, it’s in aid of charity!   If you agree, in true Facebook style, remember it’s only fair to share!

From left to right: Blue floral dress 8€ – Top 3€ – Evening dress 12€ – Pink cardigan 3€ – Red flamenco dress 20€


This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News

Costa del Sol 28 June – 4 July 2018 Issue 1721

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