Life of a tree: going back to our roots

Femi Aseru had all those off set crying during his television interview for Marbella Now; no one expected to hear such a story from such a young man.

Femi is one of 9 brothers and sisters who grew up as best they could in the worst part of Brixton in London.   It was only when he got into trouble as a teen and his mother refused to go and speak on his behalf did one of his older sisters tell him that his real mother lived in Nigeria.

As he found out only then, he was the youngest of 6 children born in Nigeria to a different mother and taken from her by their father when he was but three. His father had moved to the UK, remarried, added new siblings to the family and the past was to be forgotten.

Femi always felt like he didn’t belong, particularly at home. His sister’s revelation was a desperate attempt to give him hope. She promised him that if he finished his GCSE’s she would make sure he would go to Nigeria and meet his real mum.

Femi studied hard and his sister kept her promise and, in middle of an ever-hectic Lagos airport, mother and son were reunited and Femi was finally home. Inner city kids he explained grow up being told they don’t own anything and aren’t part of anything; they feel excluded, are treated like outcasts; so they behave as expected. Femi however did the unexpected: he not only passed his GCSEs but went on to university and obtained an Agricultural Business Management degree.  He had a plan.

Whilst retracing his heritage he had learnt about a native Nigerian tree that is a natural remedy for everything. A pest resistant, drought resistant, hardy tree that can grow in good or bad soil and provides all the multivitamins and natural cures Nigerians need: the Moringa tree. He was so fascinated by its resilience and overwhelming curative properties that the idea for “Life of a Tree” was born, took root and is growing fast.

“Life of a Tree” is not only a full natural range of vegan, raw and ethical tea bags, powders, oils and capsules made from the Moringa trees he has planted in Nigeria, all available worldwide on-line, it’s Femi’s way of empowering women. A hard working team of organic agronomists ensure the products are of the highest quality, natural and sustainable, but it’s the women empowerment at the forefront of his business goals. Life of a tree is already training women in the villages of rural Africa and encouraging them to grow their own food and medicine and I anticipate this is just the beginning. One day I also foresee a Hollywood movie about the life of Farmer Fem, as he’s now fondly known. In the meanwhile I invite you to check out his TV interview with me on Marbella Now from our website (Latest show w/c 23.04.18) and Mi Marbella Fm (18.04.18); his example can help us all grow! for online sales worldwide.

This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News Costa del Sol Edition 17-23 May 2018

Watch the interview also on Marbella Now TV with Femi Aseru click here

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