Life of a Tree – Brixton – Nigeria – Marbella

#MiMarbellaFM – 107.6 fm – this show was first aired on RTV Marbella on 18th of April 2018

Femi Aseru had all of those behind the camera and off set crying during his television interview, airing on Marbella Now TV next week. This radio interview is a little lighter and mixed with a magical blend of Nigerian Brixton blend with which he feels so identified. Life of a Tree is the life of a young man trying to grow into a beautiful person but with nowhere to set his roots; he went back to his roots and is now planting, harvesting and producing products from the tree of life, the route to many cures.

Mi_Marbella_Lifeofatree_Femi_Aseru 18.04.18

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