The Local Banus – hosts to MarbellaNOW #99

Sebasitan & Alexis Cohen were born, bred and raised in Marbella, becoming the first of the second generation “guiris” that call Marbella home.  Although from international parents, Seb and Alex know no other country to call home than our “Costapolitan” city and have put all their love and enthusiasm in this new café, lounge, hang-out space, aptly named “The Local”:

The Local Banus is next to the H10 Andalucía Plaza, between Delish deli and Pan & Mermelada’s new outlet.

The concept behind The Local Banus is to offer a bar, sisha lounge where everyone is welcome to watch sports, play board games, cards, chat and mingle, everything to help you socialise and enjoy the company of their multi national clientele.

Although they don’t serve food, good relations with the neighbours means you can literally “take away” anything from the “local” restaurants and eat in at “The Local”.

And as any good local knows, it’s up to us locals to help other locals.  So hopefully we’ll be seeing you at The Local Banus; home to this week’s MarbellaNOW #99 interviews with international Irish singing star Desi Egan, accompanied by Gordon Maher and Dermott “the driver”, Valeria Pongracz of Amrita Ayurveda, Kate Jackson & Martin Curd taking part in the up.coming play Go Green, Debbie Lush acclaimed irish artists with her up-dates on her personalised art classes, author Colin Turner covering local social issues, taking us up to our UNMN2017 , Lily van Tongeren with yet another batch of abandoned puppies at a Triple A that is finding it hard to keep itself alive following the drop in funds as a result of the recent accusations.

Quite a show, quite a place and quite worth your while joining us MarbellaNOW #996pm on 11th November on RTV Marbella, also via streaming from this web and up on line a few days later to watch at your leisure.

The Local Banusthe_local_banus
Calle Las Malvas N#13
Llamar al 722 13 34 56

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