Marbella Now 28.07.17 goes to Italy

This show is now on-line and was first aired on RTV Marbella on 28.07.17

An Italian masterpiece thanks to a great production by Maya Chewaluza   – with singing, dancing, great music and lots of laughter.

Maya performs a duet with Dave Lee of the Rat Pack but also a version of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” that will make you cry! Check Maya out – here’s her web

We meet Martin Joseph who finds himself often thinking he really is his stage persona: Frank Sinatra and we are graced with a solo performance.

We meet Maya’s mummy, Monique Klang-Voves who is co-owner  of Don Giovanni, a new Italian restaurant opened in San Pedro, together with Luidi de Leonardi – chef and personality behind this authentic Italian home from home.

We chat to Dave Lee who sings and looks like Dean Martin and also a chat, song and dance from Thomas John Henry who completes the Rat Pack trio as Sammy Davis Jnr.  This young performer also does a Prince tribute and writes is own music – check out his work also with the Leon Project.

All together now, we meet the Rat pack who of course sing a few songs. If you’d like to book this act you can do so from their website

Brian Deller – Author: Motoring in Spain tells us his experience of driving on the wrong side of the road.

This show is now on-line and was first aired on RTV Marbella on 28.07.17

Leonardo La Peruta (Leo) is a locally renowned saxofonist and he plays a few notes just for us. Leo is also available for bookings:

Gran finale with the Rat Pack serenading Luigi “My Way”.

We also remind you of our Tourism offices and that they’re open EVERY DAY – so no excuse for not knowing what’s what.


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Watch this show now on-line


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