Marbella Now 7th April 2017 at 6pm – don’t miss out!

For this week’s Marbella NOW, first showing Friday 7th April at 6pm on RTV Marbella we set up camp at The Farmacy.  On RTV Marbella this coming week, you can also watch ON-LINE, click HERE


We get an impromptu concert thanks to:

  • Jens Malling
  • Magnet Man

We also welcome:

  • Marbella Tourism’s Miguel Luna tells us about the Marbella stands in Germany and Russia, attracting new tourism and foreign investments.
  • Susan Alexander. Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Yoga teacher, talks to us on vegan cuisine alternatives for cooking old favourites but as a healthy option, just like she and Constance serve at The Farmacy!!!
  • Remedios Lopez tells us how much the Laude San Pedro charity gala raised
  • Veronica Malka, presents her new music video “Flawless” 
  • Sage Castellano Viola takes us on a Road to your Wild
  • Lily Van Tongeren brings another loving animal looking for a home from Triple A and reminds us about the annual dog walk!
  • Benezra Gallery gallops to success with their latest exhibition “Equitana”


  • Rowan Litchfield, student at Laude San Pedro show us a word in Sign Language
  • Our CIT Marbella guest of the week, Mariam Ziad for La Plage Casanis



This week’s show is presented and produced by Nicole King, RTV Camera and Sound Soraya Gomez and Editing Javier Ortiz, with special thanks to Juan Rodriguez of Canal Costa for the recording at Benezra Gallery.


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