Marbella Now – Marbella’s Tourist Town 19.05.17

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As of recently our Tourism Offices stay open every day including weekends and holidays.


From 8am – 9pm Monday-Sunday you can visit our Tourism offices and the website for full details from our Town Hall for tourists and international residents on all local events and relevant information regarding everything to do with visiting or living in Marbella

We also take a look at how to work the parking meters in Marbella and the different costs and parking times for each of the zones:  Green up to 5 hours, blue 2, White lines no charge.

Parking meters in Marbella

We pay a visit to Casa Club and chat with Juan van Dulken who was walking around filming the club for their new website with his drone and also to  Carlos Muntadas – photographer, and designer / set decorator Natalia Klamburg also at Casa Club in preparation of the new website.

Kaspar Kaspar HuijsmanDutch Business Club & director of Alex Spain & Portugal  chats to us about the Dutch community and the social and business opportunities they provide  in Marbella

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Regular guests, Yamaia Faye & JQ Britt chat about fashion and glamour and how to find your inner and outer beauty.

French Artist Gabrielle Ange presents her new collection The Journey of the Soul at the Magpie Gallery

David Wilson of Currencies Direct answers more of your questions

Marbella Now - David Wilson Currencies Direct

Lily Van Tongeren from Marbella’s Animal Rescue Centre,  Triple A  talks about the Open Day held recently at which we had a chance to meet some of the “inmates” and promote the need for adoption and volunteers for Saturday walks, donations of supplies etc.

We also take a look at the opportunity of second-hand clothes in a city where so many wealthy people donate such great opportunities to our local charity shops – like the Karen Millen dress Nicole’s wearing in this week’s show that cost 8€ at the Triple A Open Day.

Nicole King's Marbella Now with Triple A Marbella

Sage Castellano Viola brings a moment of Namaste to the show so no matter how busy your week may be, you can grab 3 minutes of peace.

Brodie Townsend – Manager Evoke Disco UK  chats to us whilst in Marbella for a few days to celebrate her friend’s birthday; the up-side to cheap flights!

Zaina B  shares more experiences in Baby Talk, helping you through pregnancy and coping with a new family when living abroad and you don’t speak the language!

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-10 a la(s) 11.51.10

What’s On Marbella Azul with a selection of the most emblematic events coming up, with so many of them being held at Puente Romano, in La Suite, La Terrasse and of course the Foreigner concert on the 11th June 2017.


Foreigner Poster ENG WEB

We learn another sign language phrase with you student Rowan Litchfield from Laude San Pedro 

Marbella Now with Rowan Litchfield of Laude International College San Pedro

A reminder that not only Linea Directa will take you home in a taxi up to 4 times a month, you motorbike and car too if you want, they also have a new GPS Geo locator that will find you if you breakdown and don’t know where you are, or can’t pronounce it!!

marbellanow linea directa

And to finish off the show Dorota Rozmus sings to us healing notes to ensure another great week ahead for us all

Nicole King's Marbella Now with Dorota Rozmus

Presented, produced & directed by Nicole King, RTV Marbella José Rubio – Editing Javier Ortiz

This show is already ON-LINE to watch whenever you like! CLICK HERE



Lost & Found – new GPS Geolocator from Linea Directa


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