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Monday 04.06.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) – also available HERE ON LINE
Welcome back to #MarbellaNow from The Boardwalk on the paseo maritimo Marbella.
Pancho Campo has been a long time friend of the show and campaigner for an environmentaly friendly planet. 
Today he is talking with Nicole about his role in The Climate Change Leadership Summit on 6th July, in association with The American College in Spain which will create a unique convergence of expertise, wisdom and inspiration, bringing together some of the world’s leading scientists and authorities on climate change and the environment.
As always it’s a fascinating experience to listen to Pancho Campo speak so passionately about this essential topic.

Remember tomorrow is the first night of Feria San Bernabé 2018 so stand by for a fabulous display of fireworks and we’ll see you there!
Tuesday 05.06.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Tonight is the opening ceremony of #FeriaSanBernabe 2018 at the Parque Francisco Cuevas Blanco (terraces of the Marina) at 22.00 including a fabulous firework display. Remember that there is a Day & Night Feria.(in the Parque de Alameda and the Avenida del Mar during the day and near La Cañada at night). Take the opportunity to dress-up in traditional costume which you may well be lucky engough to find in our local charity stores like Butterfly Children Charity

In today’s prgram Nicole chats with the lovely Peter Claesson, from Rotary Club in Mijas, who updates us on his incredible project
Since we last spoke to Peter he has been fundamental in planting 100,000 trees around the world by recruiting volunteer organisations to help make a change – and indeed they have
Wednesday  06.06.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

Recorded at The Boardwalk, today Nicole talks with David about his new culinary venture Pikaro and Barbara García Fehse of Marbella Translators

Thursday  07.06.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

We always enjoy time spent at the The Boardwalk on the paseo maritimo #Marbella Kara Jaye is always willing to go that extra mile to help others in the community and we could not let this go unoticed so we finally got the chance to officially present her with the #MarbellaNow Unsung Hero Award 2018

Friday  08.06.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

Today Nicole talks with Guillermo Gallardo from who has fascinating solution to a challenge faced by property owners and agents. A great example of putting good ideas into practise.

Next we hear an update on things from Age Concern representative Lynda Woodin. If you kinow anyone who may need assitance please call the helpline number 689 355 198

It’s been another great week on #MarbellaNow, have a fabulous weekend and remember #BetterTogether

PLUS 3 SPECIAL programs #FeriawithMarbellaNow

Feria 1 –

Feria 2 –

Feria 3 –

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Saturday compilation show 10.30 to 12.00 midday HERE —>
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Hugs and happiness
Nicole xx

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