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Monday 05.03.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) – also available HERE ON LINE
A new filming venue for us this week that truly lives up to its title Velvet Marbella
This year’s United Nationalities of Marbella Summit will take place on Tuesday April 24th. Previous years we have identified common issues among our International Communities and this year we will be tackling them head on. Talking to Remedios, Nicole highlights about some of the topics being covered this year.
Followed by Martyn Wood from Big M Productions, hot off the success of his Abba Tribute Shows, now brings us “Stars of the West End” to venues near you. The show features prinicipal performers from the West End
Mike Sterling – “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Misérables”,
Lucy van Gasse – “Wicked” and “The Sound of Music”,
Kate Galston – “Chicago” and “Mamma Mia!”.
For ticket details please visit
Thanks to our sponsors Línea Directa Aseguradora and Fundación Línea Directa
Tuesday 06.03.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Filmed at Velvet Marbella today we have an exclusive interview with Surianne Dalmedo (, creator and performer of “We are as One” the theme tune to our United Nationalities of Marbella Summit. She will be performing at the Jazz Cafe in Gibraltar on 17th March and with special guest Laura from La Voz on 12th May at La Caterina
It’s a very interesting discussion about how youngsters today are taking social media by storm, but maybe not so aware of the potential dangers. An insight to the new generations of today.
Sponsored by Línea Directa Aseguradora and Fundación Línea Directa
Wednesday  07.03.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Today’s special guest on Marbella Now is Frederik ten Kiel – President of International Social Club Marbella
A primarily Dutch social club founded on a rainy day in Feb 2009. Listen in as Frederick talks with Nicole about how he was inspired to build a welcoming social club where those travelling around but spending quite a bit of time here in Marbella have an opportunity to make friends with like-minded people from their home country.
Rowan Lichfield from Laude San Pedro brings us the sign of the week, followed by a beautiful performance by Surianne & the Peter Montegriffo Band – “Something in your Eyes”
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Thursday  08.03.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Today we have another fact filled program to make our lives #BetterTogether
In this program Nicole chats with Fiona Catchpowle (aka #CyberGran) on how to connect and support Marbella Now – RTV Marbella online, via social media and our website, which also hosts all the articles published by Nicole in her column in the Euro Weekly Newspaper
Fiona is a Facebook trainer and online tech specialist helping us to reach more of you at the right time with the wealth of information about Marbella and our International community. Visit our new YouTube channel from the links on our website and do listen in on the radio interview with British Consul Charmaine Arboiun…/
Thanks to our sponsors Línea Directa Aseguradora Nicole explains in detail how the very special car insurance policy works and how you can enjoy the benefits.

Amanda Silken our Agony Aunt talks about relationships that can follow a path we least expect and how to resolve the situation. If you would like to connect with Amanda to discuss and challenges you are facing and find out more about her work please email

Friday  09.03.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

#TeamMarbellaNow thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to taste some of the amazing Iranian food served by our hosts The Farmacy in Centro Comercial El Capricho (opposite the Hotel Senator Marbella).
It is without doubt a place that feels like home and with such an array of delicious dishes to choose from you won’t be disappointed. The Sunday Persian Lunch Buffet is a great way to experience the philosophy that ‘food is your medicine’
Today Amanda Silken is focusing on a very important issue, talking about feelings of conflict and how to cope with them.
Finally we feature a very important road safety issue with reference to wearing a seat-belt when pregnant and the safest way to keep you and your baby safe. Thanks as always to our sponsors Línea Directa Aseguradora
If you are looking for a ‘everything included’ policy for your car do please call our special number to organise your insurance with the minimum amount of fuss 952 14 78 34
Have a lovely weekend and remember #BetterTogether

Rounding the week off at, the very plush by name and nature,Velvet Marbella
Resident pianist Jens talks to Nicole about the kind of entertainment you can experience here. 
Followed by James Wheeler, new Manager at Velvet, who has gone out of his way to ensure they are doing the simple things correctly. The menu is very eclectic and authentically prepared. This is also possibly the only restuarant with a live pianist in Marbella during dinner also so if you take our recommendation and visit Velvet this weekend you certainly will not be disappointed.
Sponsored by Línea Directa Aseguradora and Fundación Línea Directa

Have a lovely weekend and remember #BetterTogether

Saturday compilation show 10.30 to 12.00 midday
Sunday compilation show 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Hugs and happiness
Nicole xx

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