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Monday 14.05.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) – also available HERE ON LINE
Welcome back to The Farmacy. This week we have a great combination of English and Spanish-speaking guests
Juan Bejar was ‘born’ an artist. He has a very unique style and way of creating portraits.
Tuesday 15.05.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Recorded at The Farmacy in #Marbella today Nicole talks with Lourdes Lozano from the Bohemia Market Marbella Port (Pto Deportivo) held on Sundays with lots of different kinds of stalls with an Artesan feel, including activities for children. Linda Woodin brings us great news from Age Concern who have just completed their first volunteers course. Any questions please call Tel. 689 355 198
Lily from Triple A – Marbella y San Pedro shares more stories of how you can help support this fabulous local charity
Wednesday  16.05.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Having documents translated accurately, especially for business use, is essential which is why you need to use a reputable company. Talking with Charlotte Jones Sievers from we hear about how it’s an important investment when requiring contracts for example. Rowan Lichfield from Laude San Pedro brings us ‘sign of the week ‘ – put on your suncream Jesus Gonzalez de la Vega is a sculptor who has been fascinated with this media since he was a child. The works of art are immense. You can view some of his pieces on his webiste here Sponsored by Línea Directa Aseguradora

Thursday  17.05.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

Today Nicole talks with Helen O’Leary, artist and author of ‘Walter’s Law & the Compassionate heart’. A book written from the perspective of her father “From a Victorian childhood, through the early part of World War One with a cycling regiment in Devon, to subsequent adventures in India and Mesopotamia, a young soldier’s progress through life is recalled by family memories, diaries and letters”. More information on the book itself can be found here…/dp/B077P4RJV1 Amanda Anstee from Silken Sin helps us again talk through challenging realtionship issues. If you’d like to get in touch with Amanda please email Thanks to our sponsors of today’s show Línea Directa Aseguradora

Friday  11.05.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

As another interesting week on Marbella Now with Nicole King comes to a close, we must remind you to start preparing for #FeriaMarbella2018 from 5th to 11th June so keep your eyes peeled on the facebook page for feria’s for all the up to date details – Delegacion Fiestas Marbella First up in today’s program Nicole talks with Philip Crawford from another opportunity to hear of more fascinating people in our midst here in #Marbella Philip tells us some really interesting stories of his time so far as a genealogist, his travels and what the job involves when researching an individuals history to seek out those who have inherited family fortunes. “Quite often you can find a connection, but proving it is another thing” Followed then by Amanda Anstee from Silken Sin providing us with more essential relationship advice. Have a fabulous weekend everyone. Enjoy and remember #BetterTogether


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Hugs and happiness
Nicole xx

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