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Monday 25.06.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) – also available HERE ON LINE
We start the week in the very sunny Puerto Deportivo de Marbella. Virgen del Carmen and of course our new media lounge The Harbour Marbella located on the first floor of the Real Club Marítimo de Marbella.
We were delighted to help celebrate the 5th birthday of Luks Marbella with a dear friend of the show Marina Nitzak at Kitch Social Club, who has undoubtedly been fundamental in bringing communities of all nationalities together.
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Tuesday 26.06.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Today we are truly privileged to be talking with Brian Burdekin – Australia’s first human rights commission president – now semi-retired in Marbella.
There is a paradox in democracy, says Brian – the most disadvantaged people are not at the top of the agenda for a government.
Inspired by his mother many years ago, Brian has dedicated much of his life to working with issues related to human rights based on values inherited from her. “The most valuable infrastructure of any society is it’s young children.” A fascinating interview.
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Wednesday  21.06.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Today we continue with our fascinating interview with Brian Burdekin.
“Once racial hatred is out of the bottle it’s difficult to put it back”
With the wonders of modern technology we do face challenges. We stand the chance of losing understanding and empathy in today’s society with the lack of personal contact with others.
We have to be prepared to admit we need to change our strategies with education.
You can find out more about Brian’s work by visiting this website
“One person can always make a difference”
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Thursday  28.06.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Continuing our week at The Harbour Marbella we learn about Cryotherpy from Johannes Fessler from Cryonis – Cryo & Ioni Spa Marbella
Cryotherapy is the latest beauty and anti-ageing trend. Stars such as Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan or Daniel Craig made Cryotherapy a valuable part of their beauty and wellness routines. Top athletes from professional sports, but also recreational athletes profit from the benefits of cryotherapy to improve their regeneration and performance. The areas of application and the benefits of cryotherapy are almost limitless.
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Next we hear from Alan Mason, an independent associate of Isagenix – a brand new nutrition line launching in Spain next week. For more details on his presentation please get in contact via email

Friday  29.06.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

Today we learn all about the Roman Baths at Villa Padierna Palace Hotel from Maria Gonzalez. Here in the pueblo of Carratraca you can relax and escape from the world in these thermal baths that have special properties to benefit your health. You can visit the website for more details
Rowan Lichfield from Laude San Pedro shows the sign of the week – “Take Care”
Amanda Anstee from Silken Sin talks us through challenges in relationships and offers solutions we can take. If you would like to get in contact with her please email
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