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Monday 28.05.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) – also available HERE ON LINE
What a happy start to the week with a look back at the recent Royal Wedding which was screened at an event that took place at Villa Linda, organised by the Euro Weekly Newspaper in association with Currencies Direct – Costa Del Sol The street-party style celebration was a great day with lots of amazing raffle prizes, plus fabulous entertainment and it also meant that those who would have been watching it alone were able to feel part of a wider community #BetterTogether Nicole also found an opportunity to chat with Sid Weldon from Age Care Costa and to congratulate Ali Meehan for her award by the #British #Ambassador
Tuesday 29.05.18  8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
More highlights from the Royal Wedding Street Party! We interviewed lots of the party guests so do please tag your friends below if you spot them on screen. Thanks to Villalinda, Euro Weekly Newspaper and Currencies Direct – Costa Del Sol for being such great hosts.
Wednesday  30.05.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE
Recorded at The Farmacy a beautiful place to enjoy lots of those including the fabulous food, and today Nicole had a chance to find out more about Jorge the Chef. Amanda shares advice on relationship challenges and how to resolve issues. The press release at Puente Romano, Marbella for the launch of NOBU Marbella and Nobu Hotels was a very busy affair and of course that might have to do with the fact that the one & only Robert De Niro was there! Next we chat with Michelle Bendel and Eleanor Schuman about Marbella Netball Club and their upcoming International Tournament on 2nd June. If you’d like to know more about how to join the club who train every week at Laude San Pedro email them on

Thursday  24.05.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

If you are looking for all things organic then listen in as Nicole chats with Oxana Mess from OWL Organic Market Marbella. Their flagship store opened in San Pedro and now you can find this fabulous ‘totally organic’ concept right in the centre of Marbella in El Corte Ingles in El Capricho open every day from 09.00-21.00. Anne Lazo from a great system that mixes education with music to help children to learn.The books are full of interesting characters to guide young readers through a fabulous story whilst learning at the same time. Thanks to our sponsor Línea Directa Aseguradora. If you’d like to know more about their GPS locator which comes as part of your car insurance then please call 952 14 78 34

Friday  25.05.18 8pm (repeat 4.15 next day) also available ON-LINE – CLICK HERE

On the program today we have … Chris Townsend from Map Studio Cafe – MAP (Music, Arts and Print) “Our aim is to provide a comfortable, musician-friendly environment and a warm, creativity-nurturing atmosphere.” Today Lily from Triple A – Marbella y San Pedro brings in a lovely little kitten who is up for adoption. If you would like to offer help to this amazing charity do please visit their website for more details And remember ‘don’t shop, adopt’. As another fabulous week on Marbella Now with Nicole King come sto a close, do remember to register on the padron. It’s so important for Marbella to be the best it can be. Have a great weekend #BetterTogether

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Hugs and happiness
Nicole xx

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