Marbella Now with Nicole King w/c 10.09.18


MONDAY 10th September 2018

Garbiñe Larrazabal Iturregui President of the #Spanish #AssociationAmum Universitarias de Marbella for women with University degrees joins us to talk about the scholarships given to bright young women of #Marbella and its municipality. There are already thirty young scholars with the objective that excellence will lead us to a more just and equitable society. Abigail and Cecilia are two of these lucky ladies and Marbella Now intern Jere Johansson chats with them about their expectations.

Information on our collaborating #ZeroHero establishments and so much more!!

#MarbellaNow is on RTVMarbella from Monday to Friday at 8pm with compilation shows of the full week on Saturdays and Sundays

A big thank you to Línea Directa Aseguradora and their road traffic safety foundation for offering FREE TAXIS up to 4 times a month for us foreigners with NIE and Spanish up to 26 years old!! FInd out more on this #UNMS incentive call 952 14 78 34

click to watch from this link 


Aired on RTVMarbella on Tuesday evening for the first time Lynda Woodinjoins Nicole King on #MarbellaNow to give us an update on the #Age#Concern charity for #Marbella and – also information on #documentationneeded for #British post the #exit #Brexit #EEC

A big thank you to Línea Directa Aseguradora for supporting our show and our community with #free #taxis up to 4 times a month, also#courtesy #car for #breakdowns even changing a tyre! Check out our#ZeroHero project


James Kayll has just taken over as Chairman of the The Arts Society Benahavis and I’m sure he’ll have quite a challenge in maintaining the excellence of this association which has grown and become truly established due to the many years invested, hard work and love of Betty Fooks – we wish her a happy retirement and James best of luck!

Also find out which businesses are joining the #zerohero incentive The Harbour Marbella Beckett’s Marbella The Playwright Marbella The Boardwalk TIBU BANUS Hard Rock Cafe Marbella Official @Puerto Banus At Babilonia Restaurante Que Padre @lRestaurante La Red MarbellaKempinski Hotel Bahia and so many more offering #free #drinks for the #designated #drivers #malaga – visit our web www.rtvmarbellanow.comfor more details!

Also Lily van Tongeren with another dog for adoption from Triple A – Marbella y San Pedro, his name is Rex and he’s a small “American Alaskan dog”.. Rex is already 12 years old and needs a new home! Devastating for an older dog!


Yesterday Jere Johansson went back to #London to #University where he’s studying #Journalism. Jere is from Finland but has lived and studied in #Marbella since he was 3. Last night we aired our interview with #MarbellaNow‘s summer #intern – who will be truly missed by us all in the show and RTVMarbella – best of luck and see you soon Jere xox

A big thank you to @theThe Harbour Marbella for hosting the show and to Línea Directa Aseguradora and their road traffic #safety #foundation#LineaDirecta for sponsoring our show so #MarbellaNow can promote you xox #BetterTogether.


SHAREBOX is a great new concept to leave or pick up your keys, part of our ZeroHero incentive and also for real estate companies, hotels, car rentals, or just between friends, find out more from Guillermo Gallardo email for further details:

Linea Directa makes these shows possible by supporting our incentives to unite as a community and support one another as extended family.  They give us free taxi 4 times a month, support our free breathalysers and designated driver, send courtesy car even to change a tyre…. very cool #WeAreAsOne #BetterTogether


ps. my #feather #hair #accessories by Nika Stone xox

Hugs and happiness

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