MarbellaNOW TV #94 hosted at Panorama 187

MarbellaNOW #94 is hosted from Panorama 187, with this week’s guests including:


ANDRES GOMEZ artist and owner of Panorama 187

JACOB SHAW on Cello & DAVID LAU MAGNUSSEN on piano, duo performing at Panorama 187 on Saturday 8th October as part of the “Salida del Sol” cultural event

LINE LYSTER bringing us up-to date on media marketing

HANS WOHL takes us 4Days Walking

JULIE DOWLING presents artwork you can touch!

MEL WILLIAMS celebrates 55 years of Showbiz hosting a Charity event for Cudeca on 15.10.16 Puente Romano.

INMACULADA MUÑOZ is the new, young, beautiful and very capable General Manager of Iberostar Coral Beach , our CIT Marbella gust of the week.

LILY VAN TONGEREN of TRIPLE A introduces the abandoned 9 year old dog Julie and welcomes us to Open their Open Day this Sunday 9th October 2016.

ALVARO MUÑOZ of Aluzinart takes art a step further and we get to see how!

LINEA DIRECTA sponsors our safety spot featuring this week why we should use the LEGAL TAXIS – undercover controls in Marbella being just one of the reasons!


PATRICK GRANT our Legal Beagle talks about new ways to receive traffic fines and notifications, mortgage floor clauses and ye ol’ Brexit.

MarbellaNOW 94 Produced & Directed by Nicole King, Camera & Sound Carlos Martínez, Editing Javier Ortiz and Nicole’s wardrobe by Coo Culte for streaming worldwide and locally @RTV Marbella Channel 46

One our our hottest Marbella Nows


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