Marbella’s living legends – behind the scenes

Marbella's living legends - Behind the scenes


Those who follow my shows, Marbella NOW TV & Mi Marbella FM on RTV Marbella will know that I value and enjoy the “behind the scenes” aspects of Marbella; those who set up and prepare for all the glitzy events, the people who run the charities, the folk that make up our Town Hall, the every day “Joe and Joanna” who work hard to live a good life, hopefully by doing something they love.

I’ve been one of these folk for many years now, having moved over full time in the very early 80’s. However my history with Marbella goes back even earlier to 1965, the year after the Meliá Don Pepe opened and my parents brought me there, a time when the Orange Square and the pharmacy in San Pedro were the tourists’ most prominent attractions.

My “behind the scenes” in those days were the waiters in the hotel and the few other places that started to pop up over the subsequent years, such as Toni Dali’s, La Meridiana, Pepe Moreno’s, Victor’s and Pedro’s beaches… all names that live on today, albeit in some cases in different formats.

Thanks to my parents insisting I learn Spanish I became very good friends with the waiters and not only got to practice my Spanish but also venture behind the scenes into their world: a very, very Spanish Marbella at that time.

Today, thanks to my radio and television shows I have many “behind the scenes” moments, national and international, which as a market research analyst I find passionately fascinating. However just recently I got to be part of a very special get together, a behind the scenes moment at Victor’s beach that was truly a privilege.

I celebrated my 21st birthday lunch at Victor’s beach back in the day and could never have dreamt that 35 years later I would be invited to join some of Marbella’s most emblematic media, press and paparazzi personalities, the very voices and faces who have been reporting on Marbella’s news and happenings for decades, in their annual get together hosted by Victor and Manuela of Victor’s beach.

This annual tribute to the Press has become a VIP tradition in itself and to be invited at all was quite humbling.  Victor & Manuela THANK YOU!!

It’s only now that I know how lucky I was to be “back stage” Marbella when it all began. I also now know that it’s a shame that so many foreigners who have come to live here since have no inkling that there is a whole Spanish world beneath our international community. Many will not even know these people exist just because they don’t speak Spanish or get involved with the locals. For those of us who do however we know that it’s the original business owners and the members of the Spanish press who are truly Marbella’s living legends and the rest of us are very privileged to live amongst them; whether we know it or not!

This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News





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