Marbella’s Social Butterfly loves to monkey around!

Marbella Social Butterfly teamLisa Toni Flannery is our Marbella Social Butterfly; she’s larger than life with a heart too heavy to hold I fear at times. Her nickname should be “Sweet Charity” as she dedicates so much time to helping others, not only charity associations but the cause of everyone who comes in her path who looks like they could do with a bit of extra TLC.

She’s also a great comfort when it comes to any type of event, charity, business or networking with a command of Spanish and the local way of life having grown up and gone to school here in Marbella; more important than people think when it comes to knowing who’s who and who knows you!

mastering-mailchimpTogether with Andrew Newton they also help get to grips with some of the latest technology that has become fundamental to any business, big or small – concentrating at the moment on the power of keeping in touch with your clients or followers via a well planned and presented newsletter by email, possible via Mailchimp.


Join us for MarbellaNOW #93 to meet Andrew and get the full story!

ANDREW NEWTON - Marbella Social Butterfly

Lisa is no stranger herself to MarbellaNOW TV #49 #50 #54 #71 #75

Contact Lisa and Andrew from their super web with a very refreshing presentation, which I think speaks for itself and is a great testimony as to what they can do for you!

marbella sociAL butterfly

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