We have a mission – Two-year-old Pablo needs our help

Article first published in Nicole King’s column #MarbellaMoments in the free English language newspaper #EuroWeeklyNews – link to Marbella NOW TV interview and EWN article at the bottom of the page.

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Two-year-old Pablo needs our help

We have a mission!

Pablo has suffered from a very rare disease since he was seven weeks old: Mastocytosis. What is that you may ask? No idea is usually the answer.

However that answer is no longer acceptable in Marbella because Pablo and his family could really do with our help and us knowing about the problem can only help them find a solution.

Jose and Silvia, Pablo’s parents, had no idea what lay ahead of them when the first blister appeared on Pablo’s leg out of nowhere.

They were living in London at the time and coincidentally had an appointment with the GP that same day. The doctor was baffled as to the cause and sent them directly to Westminster hospital. The attending doctors had no idea either and kept Pablo in overnight. In the morning a paediatrician thought perhaps Pablo was suffering from Urticaria Pigmentosa, but although she was on the right track as it turned out this disorder was even more rare than that.

Within days of the first blister appearing Pablo was covered from head to toe in welts on his arms, legs, torso, face and head, making him itch all over.   Those were just the external symptoms of what was happening to their baby. Mastocytosis is characterised not just by abnormal accumulations of mast cells in the skin, it also affects the bone marrow and internal organs such as the liver, spleen, gastrointestinal tract and lymph nodes, so his condition was actually worse than they feared.

Even without knowing this they were already distraught, devastated and desperate to cure what they could see. Only through the determination to help their child and endless hours of online searches did Silvia finally find a specialist in the Hospital in Toledo who correctly diagnosed the condition, back here in Spain.

Unfortunately the diagnosis is still not enough to help Pablo, as there is no specific treatment yet.   It will only be through investigation that a cure can be found.

I only found out about this through Vanessa Van Camp who has initiated a charity event to help this family, and others like them, in the San Pedro church square on Saturday 30th December 2017.

This “Masto Magic” event will be a true to form Marbella style charity extravaganza with many volunteers already involved in the preparation.   Top calibre artists are offering to perform free of charge so there will be a host of music to add to the entertainment. The aim is to raise money for the Spanish Association for Mastocytosis and related illnesses (Asoc Española de Mastocitosis y Enfermedades relacionadas) and create much needed awareness.

Pablo is too young to know it now, but our not knowing might lead to him feeling uncomfortable in his home town with people staring at him or shying away in fear of his condition being contagious, which it is not.

Please come and meet Pablo and his family and show them that we do care, the event starts at mid-day and goes on ’till late, but Pablo will be there with his parents specifically as of 4pm to chat with anyone who wants to meet them and know more!




Photo: Jose Gonzalez Godoy – Silvia Almagro Galván with their son, Pablo Gonzalez Almagro

Watch the interview with José Gonzalez Godoy on #MarbellaNOW TV our Christmas Day Special with Nicole King http://rtvmarbella.tv/television/marbella-now/25-de-diciembre/ 

Marbella_Now_155- Our_Space

and see you at the event on 30th December 2018






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