My hero, every day of the year

We live in a world where everyone is a critic, we all have something to say about something and someone.  Unfortunately this is frequently positive.  Arrogant ignorance is abundant and sometimes can become overwhelming.

Through TV and radio and my “day job” with ChromaGen lenses I find myself behind the scenes in many scenarios and am fortunate enough to meet many people from many walks of life.  Some stand and walk tall, some have stooped so far.

Many are misunderstood, prejudged or passed-over.  These people should not go unrecognised.  In 2017 I felt I needed to give an award to Kara Jaye Caradas owner of The Boardwalk – so many ignore the hours of dedication she has invested for over a decade to improve the lives of our vulnerable Spanish children in Málaga, how she started the costa Christmas collection for them, how she has employed them and trained them to be promoted through the company, whilst being supported by a caring and loving team; a surrogate family.

For 2018 this award was presented at the UNMS2018 event to Oti Diaz-Ambrona of our Foreign residents department of the Town Hall, to thank and recognise the work they do for us for no or little thanks; truly un-sung heroes.

However this year I also wanted to recognise someone else – for all the years gone by and all the days of now and all the years to come – Michel Euesden: an example to all of us on the planet but certainly one for me;  a hard worker,  a generous and kind leader, a big heart, all woman and clearly by  her actions, a dear friend not just to me, but everyone she feels could be in need of a helping hand.

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