Pleasantly surprised – MarbellaNOW #99

MarbellaNOW #99 (aired on Friday 11th November at 6pm for the first time on RTV Marbella) and now online, also brings a fresh look at what we think about massages.  Fearful of being rendered unconscious after my massage, if I were lucky enough to actually get a good massage, Valeria surprised me completely – although relaxing and restful, I felt awake and ready for anything.  I WANT TO GO AGAIN!

Valeria has just arrived in Marbella from Canada recently and wants to get the word out about the benefits of Ayurveda,

She has prepared a series of Mind, Body & Spirit Event WORKSHOPS with Ayurveda & Flower Essence and are in the final stages of completion of a progressive HEALTHIER KIDS workshop for parents, teachers, & childcare providers – very important given many imbalances that children are experiencing today.

But, what are AYURVEDA MASSAGES ?  Well, they’re  a healing / rejuvenating’ massage with oils and herbs not a deep tissue massage.

What is an AYURVEDA PERSONAL CONSULTATION? Well, you get an in-depth personalized program for those with digestive – weight loss – fatigue issues, sleep problems, migraines, and depression concerns.

ABOUT VALERIA  – With her varied yoga background from her teachers (her beloved Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Baron Baptiste, John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh) she was initially 5+ years ago introduced to Ayurveda in both the United States and Canada and from there her devotional interest exploded to a full-time commitment to Amrita Ayurveda Nectars of Life SL, positioning itself as a LifeHealth company in the Costa del Sol, Spain.

Amrita Ayurveda is about a lifestyle, not radical changes, but more about finding a balanced practical approach that’s “doable” for one’s personal individual well-being in a holistic way.

Valeria currently works one on one with clients in both the Costa del Sol and Vancouver, Canada through her Personal Ayurveda Consultation program (PAC) and has established here on the Costa del Sol her Ayurveda Body and Facial Massage Treatments program  (these are healing massages not deep tissue)  Valeria come to her discipline through yoga,  having owned a yoga studio in Vancouver Canada for 9 years.

I think it important to also point out that Valeria and her husband Cormac are DOG FANATICS, and so a perfect complemente to our local community!

Read more about Valeria on her web site (

Valeria @ Amrita Ayurveda Nectars of Life SL
tel: 628-064-279

WHAT IS Ayurveda?  It is a personalized approach to health, and knowing your mind-body type allows you to make optimal choices about diet, exercise, supplements, and all other aspects of your lifestyle.  Your well-being does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself in the activities and indulgences that bring you happiness just align them in a more holistic pattern.

WHY AN AYURVEDA MASSAGE – Amrita Ayurveda massage treatments are unlike any you’ve ever experienced because each treatment massage is customized to you, using herbal-infused oils, aromas, and massage techniques to balance your unique mind-body type (dosha). An Ayurveda massage is not a deep tissue massage! (so if that is what a resident / guest are expecting please reconsider booking) For example, if you’re experiencing an imbalance that is contributing to feelings of anxiety and distraction, your massage will focus on relaxing and grounding you, using warm essential oils and soothing massage strokes that will calm your entire mind-body system. On the other hand, if you have a tendency to feel sluggish and heavy, your Ayurveda massage will use oils, herbs, and techniques to invigorate you, release any accumulated toxins, and enhance the flow of energy in your body and mind.


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