Pozdravlyau #MiMarina & Luks Marbella!


Marina Nitzak was our very first guest on the very first Marbella NOW, our English language TV show on RTV Marbella with our local Town Hall.

Having Marina as our first guest was no accident; I wanted her to know that for me she is special. Having her initials coincide with our programme’s name was a happy coincidence that still makes me chuckle!

I admire Marina for many reasons but supporting others and sharing her knowledge is certainly at the top of the list.  When the Russians started setting up home in Marbella there was little integration with the international community also living here. However for 5 years Marina has made us privy to “behind the curtain” insights as to what her fellow Russians are like and what they like. Little by little, almost single-handedly, she has bridged that gap!

Marina herself is very cosmopolitan but many of her compatriots are coming straight from “home” to our shores and they are as wary of us as we of them. It has taken so much time, dedication and persistence to get to where we are today, which is a lot further forward than 5 years ago I can tell you.

I clearly remember when a lovely English lady commented to me some weeks after the airing of the first Marbella Now, with Marina Nitzak, that she had really enjoyed the interview and she had been so surprised to see “how nice” the young blond lady looked, not at all Russian.

What had she expected a Russian woman to look and be like I asked myself? A vodka wielding spy perhaps? Obviously not this cute young mother.

The “Russian” tourist has sparked many reactions locally; some embracing the prospect of immeasurable amounts of money, others keeping their distance in ignorance of what to expect. I also know that it is largely thanks to Marina and her relentless endeavours that most of us in Marbella at least now know that they are people with their likes and their dislikes, their quirks and their quests, just like you and me. Who’d of thought!?

Much has happened in these past years for me and for Marina, both in our own ways striving to unite people that often have very little in common, except for the fact that we call Marbella “home” and love living here. We believe that we are #BetterTogether and we hope it really catches on!

You can watch the interview in Casa Rusia on next week’s Marbella NOW TV. So tune in on Monday 25/6/18 at 8pm to RTV Marbella or via streaming from our web www.marbellanowtv.com for an episode that is truly from Russia with love.

Pozdravlyau Marina y spasibo chto ti takaya!

This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News

This other article about Marina’s 5th anniversary by John Smith also well worth the read

You can also see the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Marina Nitzak on @MarbellaNow Monday 25.06.18 from this link https://youtu.be/silojYF7IWE

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