Puente Romano – On to a Good Thing!

Just a few years ago the Hotel Puente Romano bravely launched a plan to re-establish this emblematic hotel as the true social hub of our 5 star, jet-set city. And they have.

In a relatively short amount of time they have added restaurant after restaurant, incorporating top Michelin star chefs and exclusive dining experiences, with comfortable “hang-out” areas for grown-ups so that the hotel guests never have to, or want to leave, but also welcoming local residents.

One of my favourite restaurants is UNI, for the delicious food, quality of everything and impeccable service – but the other restaurants I’ve tried there are excellent too, Dani Garcia, Thai Gallery to name just two. Whichever venue I go to at Puente Romano I can honestly say I’ve never been treated better anywhere in Marbella.

If you want more than just dinner, a real evening out,  Puente Romano now has to be one of my first options.   Thanks to the central focus on their main Plaza (square) which has comfortable sofa seating, plus the many different restaurants surrounding it, central djs and Joe’s bar keeping the tempo lively and the fabulous “beautiful people” of Marbella coming and going, wining and dining,  you just don’t know where to look first; it’s simply fascinating and more than entertaining!

Also just opened is the new La Terrasse, which is a complement to the Suite discotheque, also loads of comfortable seating, great music and opens earlier than the discotheques; much more my style.

If you haven’t been to the hotel lately, go check it out.   If you’re worried abut the prices, don’t be.  They are of course not cheap, but they are not  higher than many restaurants locally that certainly don’t provide this quality of service or experience but charge us as if they were who knows what!  Here you feel like you’re the star and you certainly won’t feel like you’ve wasted your money.

The Sea grill is also great,  the salad buffet is a great relief having vegan kids so they can get a truly varied selection; my favourite however is the Sunday seafood buffet option.. (unlimited lobster, crabs claws, salmon, well, everything!!).  Lunch overlooking the ocean from the standard menu is also well worth it.

Famous for being hard to park; actually it’s not.  Off season we normally have no problem; go in the back entrance (turning opposite the mosque) as if going to the tennis courts and there’s usually spaces.  If needed however there is a parking service and there is no set charge to park the car for you; obviously a tip would be very appreciated.

Too often I don’t know where to take friends when they come and visit, particularly in the evenings.   This new  exciting and bustling complex to hang out within the Hotel Puente Romano with guaranteed atmosphere therefore is a great plus!

And shorty Puente Romano will also be home to Casamono –  another world unto itself…read more in Marbella Rocks Magazine from the following link:


Puente Romano

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