Spanish Police take control!

Join us for this week’s MarbellaNOW #89 to ensure you’re up to date on traffic regulations and avoid those fines!

Although we were warned at the beginning of the summer that we would be faced with fierce police controls during the summer months, the truth of the matter is that, as per long existing regulations, the Spanish police are entitled to 2 of their 4 week annual holiday time during the month of August.

July had it’s controls as promised but if you think back did you see any controls this past month? Personally, none, but watch out, they’re back in force!


Be prepared to have and present your car documentation, insurance papers and some form of photographic identification,  have cash on hand to pay any infractions if you’re a tourist, and also be prepared for the unmarked police cars on patrol, you’ll be quite shocked to know how many there are!

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