Summer Special – 07.07.17

Our community is as “one”  and the song that Surianne composed for our UNMS2017 is the perfect way to start this first summer special.

We take a stroll along the promenade by Puerto Banus and in just a few 100 m see how much there is to do for residents and tourists,

A massage on the beach at OM Equilibrium

Aquatic sports at Water Sports Banus

Opening night at El Chiringuito at Puente Romano

Sage Castellano Viola – Road to Your Wild – helpful tips for a peaceful and relaxing day

We have a plan.  One of the suggestions arising from the UNMN2017 from Ashley King was to reward the “designated driver” – make them the hero and not the weirdo.

Michael Jedeau explains the reward systems they used for designated drivers in their events in France – free soft drinks being part of the deal.

Lina Hodgkins – Linnekers Group comments on the few drunken tourists that are creating a bad name for the almost 40,000 that come to Marbella through this company each year and becomes the first company to sign up for the “designated driver” scheme.

Did you know that you can be fined for taking out the rubbish at the wrong time – being only between 9 and 11pm during the summer months.

Internationally acclaimed Antony Wolfson chats about his latest successes and we have the pleasure of meeting Maria García of the Alanda Club Elviria where Antony performs every Tuesday.

We take a look at What’s On over the next few days including at Puente Romano, the new place to wine and dine, dance and disco in a glamorous and very comfortable environment.

New legislation regarding dress code in Marbella

Presented, produced & directed by Nicole King, RTV Marbella Rubio – Editing Sergio Logo EWN para créditos – chromagen / cantor / artisan / Marbella rocks / CIT MARBELLA

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