Summer takes its Toll!

If you take the low road and I take the high road…’ll be some 20 euros richer than me!  

Now in the summer, with the high season prices in full swing, it may be a lot quicker to get to Málaga on the AP7 motorway but it’ll cost you almost 20 euros to get there and back.  Well invested I have to say in the height of summer, with traffic jams at Puerto Banus, Elviria and the entrances to Fuengirola, Torremolinos to name a few, but certainly something to think about twice, or three times, if you need to make the trip on a daily basis.


In summer the toll from Marbella to Málaga is 7.90€ and another 3.90€ if you want to sail through to San Pedro or Estepona on the way back!  Off season isn’t cheap either but what a shame they raise the prices in summer instead of the other way around; then perhaps us locals could still use the Coastal route without it turning into a day trip and our tourists could sail from place to place without the traffic jams 🙂



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