The drinks are on the house!

We launched the English television program Marbella Now as a means of better communication within our multinational population. Not only has the program been a success but the three United Nationalities of Marbella summits we have held to promote further understanding and collaboration between the 140+ nationalities that call Marbella home have also been very well received.

We address many different key issues but ”how to get around the city without using a car” is always at the top of the list. Traffic controls in Spain can be more than a little intimidating and even one glass of wine may exceed the legal Spanish limit (lower than the U.K.) and therefore we tend to stay in the areas where we live, losing many opportunities and events because of this.

With this information in hand and knowing that many local businesses’ survival off-season depends on us driving to them, I contacted Linea Directa’s Road Traffic Safety Foundation for support. I was not disappointed. As a result of the feedback we offered and in keeping with their keen interest to adapt according to the specific needs of the expatriate they organised with their insurance company to extend an existing policy designed to keep youngsters of up to 26 years of age safer on the roads to also cover us expats in the Malaga province, regardless of our age!

This means that policyholders can call for a FREE TAXI SERVICE up to four times a month to take them home after a night out, WITH NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. They will also provide a free tow truck for the car or motorcycle too if we so wish. Obviously, this must be cheaper than to face the unknown horrors and costs of a potential traffic accident, particularly with so many different nationalities going about it every which way but the right way!

Our latest incentive to reward the # ZeroHero is also being very well received. The idea is to reward the designated driver with free soft drinks in the participating establishments, which can be verified with disposable alcohol tests (supplied by Marbella NOW TV and the Linea Directa Road Traffic Safety Foundation). Kara of the Boardwalk was the first I commented this too and she enthusiastically embraced the idea. Lina of the Linekers Group was the next person I told and she was equally as supportive. We, I, haven’t had much time to contact many companies yet to ask them to also participate which has delayed the official “launch”, but the good news is that those with whom I have spoken have also eagerly come on board. So to-date, apart from The Boardwalk and The Linekers Group we can also say that The Harbour, Beckett’s, The Playwright, La Red Chiringuito, Qué Padre Mexican restaurant, The Hard Rock Café, The Kempinski Bahia Hotel, and latest to sign up Kitch Social Club and Restaurant who I cornered whilst recording next week’s Marbella Now TV show are now also #ZeroHeroes. For more information on how to become a #ZeroHero establishment or to take advantage of these offers please send an email to:




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