The Harbour Marbella, your first port of call

Last year I was given the opportunity to spend a few months living front line-beach in Marbella.   I loved it!

My view was spectacular with Gibraltar and Africa off in the distance and mesmerising reflections of sun and moon playing on the ocean. Ironically however it was the port car park that was the most prominent feature and to be honest, quite unsightly. Even walking along the promenade, if you didn’t know what lay beyond all that concrete there’d be no way you’d venture down.

Ever since I can remember this port has been one of Marbella’s white elephants in spite of being located in prime position. The terraces that constitute the upper level haven’t helped either as they completely block the view to the yachts and breath-taking sunsets; you’d have to be a mind reader to know that 377 yachts, breath-taking views and sumptuous restaurants were just but a few meters away.

It doesn’t even have a clear identity. Puerto Cabopino, nestled between pine trees and sand dunes to the east side of Marbella is well established, the fishing port “Puerto de la Bajadilla” at the entrance of the city by the “Marbella” arch is very much on the local’s map, particularly next week with the festivities of *Virgen del Carmen and Puerto Banus, well, for many, is representative of Marbella itself.

At first I thought that perhaps we would call it the Marbella Harbour, but Marc Quinlan, internationally renowned chef got there first, aptly renaming one of Marbella’s most prestigious restaurants on the first floor of the Royal Maritime club “The Harbour”, located at the main entrance to this chic port. So, to avoid confusion, the Marbella “Marina” seems to be the perfect fit. (personal aside: #MiMarina you now also rightfully have a port named after you too!!!)

The Town Hall has also started improvements in the Marina and I’m pleased to say that car parks have been replaced by lovely open spaces for seating; much to the restaurants, bars and neighbours’ delight! Also, as with the Royal Maritime Club, The Harbour restaurant, lounges and terraces are open to the public and undoubtedly offer the most privileged views from the first floor dining room and terraces and with such clarity you can almost see the washing hanging on the lines in Africa; not to mention the food is exquisite!!   Also a great place to entertain the kids in the summer with all the water activities on offer!

Marbella Now TV will be recording in the Marbella Marina all summer and we’d love to see you so why not make The Harbour, our on-location studio, your first port of call?

The Harbour Marbella, your first port of call



*Check out for full details on the Fiesta Virgen del Carmen – the Patron Saint of fishermen on 16th July – one of the most beautiful processions in Marbella with boats parading to and from the Puerto de la Bajadilla to Puerto Banús accompanied by local fishermen, pleasure boats and jet skis. A spectacularly unique event and one that’s not to be missed!!!!!




This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News

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