Top5 Agency and Agony Aunt Amanda 08.11.17

This afternoon is going to be fun! Thanks to Marina Nitzak, President of Luks Marbella Russian speakers association,  Anna Solod of Top5 Agency #Spain joins us in the studio to tell us about a Russian award ceremony that has come now also to Marbella and is being held in Casa Russia in Marbella on Friday 10th November, raising funds at the same time for a young boy who needs medical attention in Germany.  MAMA AWARDS 2017

mama award 2017


and Marbella Now – RTV Marbella‘s #AgonyAuntAmanda Silken 107.6 fm at 5.30pm (GMT+1) and via our web for streaming worldwide see you later!! For call in to Amanda at the studio… 952 862 737 ext 38


and great music by Surianne and so much more!

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