What a difference a day makes



What a difference a day makes!!

Although I am the face of #MarbellaNowTV my guests are the stars, so when #MiMarina,  Marina Nitzak, Founder and President of Luks Marbella, (the Russian speaking association in Marbella) organised a makeup, hair and photo session for me with her dreamteam Ann Rusakova – wardrobe and make up, Elena Sikorskaya fashion photographer and Natasha Mokchort, hairdresser, I was more than a little reluctant to be the centre of such attention. However it’s possibly one of the best gifts I’ve ever had; a real boost of confidence and an eye opener to what can be done with my curls apart from let them “do their thing”!!

Anna is a personal shopper and image consultant and turned up with clothes I loved and were so “me” that my daughter thought they were actually from my own wardrobe. She also did my make up, a very natural look in my humble opinion.

Being a bit of a “Samson” when it comes to my hair at first I wouldn’t let them do much to my curls ao Natasha brought out a mini curling tongues to tweak my curls to perfection and after a few change of clothes and photos and a glass of cava (hehe) Anna finally got me to go with her vision to style my curls in ways I’d never have imagined, away from my face and in a bun!

Elena’s photos are always striking and always of such beautiful women so I was a bit overwhelmed to be strutting my stuff, but the final outcome, even I have to admit, is very flattering and without overdoing Photoshop.   I look at the pictures and feel like a princess, wrinkles and all!

I enjoyed myself so much during the session that I know exactly what I want to give to some of my special friends for Christmas because as you can see, one day’s experience can make all the difference!!!


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