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We had the pleasure of Jere Johansson acting as inter at Marbella Now TV during the summer.  Jere is Finnish but grew up in Marbella studying at Aloha College.  Now back in London University studying Journalism we wish him well and share with you his experience with us in his own words…. #MarbellaMoments

This article was first published in the Euro Weekly News


When Jere Johansson contacted me to be an intern for the Marbella NOW TV show I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with him. As it turned out Jere made himself very useful and showed initiative. He handled himself well at all times, even when faced with many “interesting” characters and situations.

I asked him “What did you learn from helping at Marbella Now TV? What goes into making a programme?” and this is what he said….


Marbella Now TV has taught me many aspects about the nature of making a programme, but it’s mainly allowed me to step into the environment. After working for the first time in the field of my study, I’ve realised that no teacher, lecturer or professor can prepare you for an environment but the environment itself. Someone can teach you the basics of climbing a mountain, but you really learn when you climb it yourself. What is more, mountain climbing is (I imagine at least) a good comparison to making a programme. The bottom of the mountain is the Tuesday morning, at whatever venue it is that we record at. The peak is finishing recording, when all the guests start leaving and the precious content is in the camera ready to be turned into a comprehensive programme. Then, comes the descent to the bottom of the mountain, and that happens on Thursdays, where we take cautious steps downhill to reach an end product through careful organisation and editing.

 Marbella Now TV has given me the experience of playing key roles in media production. This includes coming up with the programme running order, editing, recording. In the past months I’ve learnt how to talk to, and strangely comfort, new and veteran guests. Naturally at the same time, I’m doing my best to keep the recording day short and controlled. The best things I learnt came from making mistakes, and I’ll be forever grateful to Nicole King for letting me make those mistakes.

The internship taught me how to be aware, and what to be aware of. As I said before, nothing can teach you experience but experience itself, and the concentration and attention needed to make a successful programme is what the internship really helped me with. It has been an encouraging experience for me. I feel more confident about me career choice and my abilities to perform as a hopeful future journalist. Finally, it’s weird calling these last two months an internship, because an internship sounds too professional and too cold. The people at RTV and Marbella Now TV did the opposite of what I thought an internship would be like. They warmly accepted me into their wonderful world, making my experience maturing, comfortable and most importantly; fun.

I have to say that we too had fun having Jere around and also enjoyed hearing his feed back about what it’s like living in Marbella amidst such a diversity of nationalities and ages during his interview on Marbella Now TV: he came out with some gems and it’s well worth a watch!!!


Interview with Jere: Marbella NOW TV Thursday 13/09/18 available from our website www.rtvmarbellanow.com.

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