Zero Hero Establishments Marbella

This project was launched by Nicole King of Marbellanow TV at last years United Nationalities of Marbella Summit and is sponsored by the Road Traffic Safety Foundation Linea Directa.

ZeroHero Establishments Marbella

The aim is to get as many establishments such as yours to sign up to reward our zero heroes. Signing up is a great way to support our community by encouraging a designated driver on a night out with friends or family.  Participating businesses will be provided with a supply of disposable breathalysers to make sure the driver has not drunk alcohol in a fun way to then reward them with* free soft drinks. (Each establishment can set their own conditions according to their own criteria – most saying 1 driver to 3 drinkers).

This is encouraging people to go out of their local area and try other restaurants and bars and is helping us remember to think about the return journey as well as going out.  it is also a great way for our local businesses to show their support for the safety of our community.  There are already quite a few businesses signed up and we’ve only just started.

It is very heartwarming to have such a supportive business community starting off with our first supporters including The Boardwalk, The Kempinski Bahia Hotel, Hard Rock Café, The Boardwalk, El Gaucho Banus, Kitch, Posidonia Banus, Ambrosia Bistrobar San Pedro, La Red Chiringuito, The harbour, Beckett’s, The Playwright’s, Vic & Jon’s, Art Caffé, Babilonia, Port Side, Tibu, Bijoux, Linekers to name but a few.

Keep an eye on this page and our facebook pages for regular updates of newcomers!


Also the insurance side of the group Linea Directa has offered us foreign residents FREE TAXI SERVICE up to FOUR TIMES A MONTH to take the insured person and their car, or motorcycle,  home after a night out, WITH NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Obviously, they realise that it is much cheaper to offer this than to face the unknown horrors and the costs of a traffic accident. This offer is also valid for Spanish citizens up to 26 years of age.  This company also now includes courtesy car, roadside assistance, gps services at no extra cost! Call 952 14 78 34 for full details!




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